Coaching Supervision for internal Coaches (EN)

Coaching in companies is the trend. And increasingly, internal coaches are active as coaches for their colleagues in the company:

Many specialists and managers in companies have already completed coaching training and enthusiastically registered in the coach pool for in-house coaches.


The first clients in the company are happy to take up this offer.

And a while after the coaching training and a few hours of experience with clients, curious and probing questions increasingly emerge among the coaches:

  • How do I continue to develop as a coach?

  • Where are my strengths, my "blind spots", my areas of development

  • The tools from the coaching training do not quite fit the client's questions: What to do?

  • How do I deal with the client's desire for recipes and practical tips that can be implemented immediately?

  • My clients challenge me again and again with very specific questions that make me very uncomfortable. How do I deal with my own insecurity here?

  • How "business-blind" am I? Where are the limits and opportunities of coaching in the company = in my own system?

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Virtual coaching supervision journey

Focus of this virtual coaching supervision journey

  • Empowering myself as a coach: Sharpen mindset, coaching offer & coaching skills.

  • Reflect and design process level: Establish coaching relationship & develop coaching process in partnership with clients.

  • Include systemic level: Coaching results - achieve impact & sustainable change in the team/company

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Target group: internal coaches


  • Coaching training (at least 100 training hours) and
  • Coaching experience (at least 50 hours of coaching practice)

CCEUs from ICF (will be applied for)


Contents: 5 modules of 3 hours each

Contents: 5 modules of 3 hours each

  • Module 1: Kick Off
  • Module 2: Being a Coach
  • Module 3: Shaping Processes
  • Module 4: Creating systemic impact
  • Module 5: Closing


Your tour guide for this development journey

Anne Schweppenhäußer

C!CERO Organisationsentwicklung GmbH, Managing Partner (since 2009),
Psychologist with focus on work and organizational psychology